Available today for the Corvette C6! C5 and C7 under development!

What is the ForceFlash?

  • The ForceFlash is an extremely cool,  completely Plug-n-Play, user-configurable, G-Force activated brake light flashing system that flashes the inner tail lamps and CHMSL (3rd light) under heavy or emergency braking for C6 Corvettes (C5 & C7 coming soon). Installation time takes 10 minutes.
    ForceFlash C6 System – Plug-n-Play

    This feature has long been available on Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and many other European exotics and autos. BMW refers to it as Brake Force Display. Click  Here to see demonstration videos of the ForceFlash & other manufacturers G-Force activated lighting in the video section.

How is it different than other third lamp brake pulsers?

  • The other third lamp brake (CHMSL) pulsers on the market are “dumb” systems. They behave the same way every time and do not offer any mechanism to change behavior under different braking conditions; such as braking hard into a corner at the track. They also only pulse the CHMSL, which does not do a lot to get your attention. Since their flashing rate is static, the drivers behind you don’t know if you just tapped the brakes or are braking hard. The other basic CHMSL pulsers on the market are ignored as drivers get used to seeing them pulse the same way every single time. Since the FlashForce behaves differently under 3 different braking conditions, drivers behind you will know what you are doing!
  • Unlike other basic third brake lamp pulsers on the market, the ForceFlash adjusts the flashing behavior depending on the braking forces being applied. From the factory, the ForceFlash is configured as a 3 step system.
    1. It flashes twice under normal braking conditions.
    2. It flashes 5 times at a moderate pace when -0.5G’s are reached.
    3. It flashes rapidly 15 times after -0.7G’s are reached.

*If you don’t like the behavior above, the ForceFlash is user configurable!

  • When racing or tracking your car, the ForceFlash conveys to the drivers in your rear view mirror how heavy you are braking. They will be able to distinguish between a brake tap or normal braking from medium to heavy braking where the G-Forces rise above 0.50G.
  • The ForceFlash Advanced is configured from the factory to flash the two inner brake lamps along with the center high mount stop lamp CHMSL. Unlike other brands that only flash the CHMSL, you will get the attention of the drivers behind you when all three are flashing! ForceFlash Basic is for those that only want the CHMSL to flash based on the same load conditions listed above.
  • The ForceFlash does not introduce any codes, dash errors, or hyper-flash.
  • The ForceFlash configures the rear lighting to illuminate the way it should have from the factory!
  • The ForceFlash is cool and will impress your friends! Watch the videos for a full demonstration of its functionality.