Please read before downloading the Programming Guide at the bottom of the page.


While the ForceFlash is delivered with a configuration that will meet the needs of most users, it can be further customized to behave the way that you see fit. For example, if you want the ForceFlash to flash the tail lamps 15 times every time you apply the brakes, you can configure this behavior. If you want to lower the G-Force level required to activate flashing, change the rate of the flashing itself, you can also change this.

Programming Support

While customizing the ForceFlash is a very simple process, we offer no active support. If you have questions about a specific configuration, we are glad to answer those questions but cannot actively troubleshoot a configuration you are working with. The only supported configuration is the out of the box configuration defined in the Default Configuration section of this document. This includes the mounting orientation defined in the Installation Guide.